Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gymnastic Party Set

This is my Gymnastic Party Set. It was done for Chloe and Addison. I have never met Addison, but Chloe has to be one of the cutest kids in the world! Her mom is ok, too :)

I think this set turned out so adorable.

Invitation :)

Fun banner. This can read your child's name or Happy Birthday.

Cupcake Toppers. I'm in love with cupcake toppers. I'm not sure who came up with the idea, but I'm so glad they did! I love having cupcakes at our parties because it is so much easier and faster than cutting a cake. People can just grab and go :) After all...people are here to play and eat...not wait in line!

I can add other items to this set as well if anyone else is interested.

Earring Tag Redesign for Designs by Linzie

I was so excited when Linzie asked me to do some earring and jewelry tags for her business. She has been selling for a while now, but just recently got her jewelry in a store in Memphis! Soooo exciting! That is such a huge step! What an honor for someone asking to sell your designs in their store.

Linzie wanted something new and fresh. The store she is selling in is a high end store for women, so she wanted packaging that would appeal to her customers.

This was Linzie's original packaging.

This is what we came up with for her new packaging! I'm in love with what we came up with! I've never done earring cards before, so I'm very excited to get to try something new!

You can check out her facebook page here:!/pages/Designs-by-Linzie/173661236013178

Thanks Linzie for letting me design these for you! Wishing you the best of luck with your business!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Superhero Party Set!

This party was designed for one of my favorite little guys in the world. My nephew Kadin is super (get it...super..superhero..yes im a dork) awesome. He requested a superhero party and I couldn't wait to jump in and start designing!

I sent pictures to him and his mommy along the way for approval and he would get so excited when he saw the different items. I love this part of my job! I love that something I design can make someone so excited and feel maybe just a tad more special because they have something I designed just for them! I couldn't be there for his party, but I was there in spirit! I made him a cape and mask to make him feel more like a hero for his party...haha not my best work (notice there is no picture for evidence of it) but he was so grateful for it! Makes me so warm and fuzzy! :)

For this party I did invitations, cupcake toppers, banner, superhero tootsie pops, hershey bar wrapper, and favor tags with a topper for the bag. I also have a design that I could make for a shirt to match this party as well. Pictures below :)

My cousin made him the cutest cake ever! She made a two tier cake and the bottom layer had the buildings like the invitation and the top layer had clouds and sitting on top were superhero figures. So stinking cute! I don't have all of these items designed for every party, but I can do them for any party. I've never done the Hershey wrappers before and they turned out so cute! I'm going to start designing those f0r every set.

Want this party or something custom? Just email me:
I LOVE custom work!

Clothing Price Tags

So...a very talented friend of mine makes boutique clothing for kids. She's pretty much awesome! These tags are for her to use for craft fairs and wherever else she sells her clothing.

If you need custom tags for anything, just let me know. I'll give you a discount if you let me put my logo on the back :)

Firetruck Baby Shower

This is a firetruck baby shower theme I did for my cousin for her baby shower. I was so excited to get to design this! They are decorating his nursery with firetrucks bc daddy is a fireman, so it seemed so special to get to do something so personal. They are expecting baby #2! I can't wait to meet him! I hate living so far away, I miss a lot of important events. I have done bag tags for this as well, but I don't have a picture of it yet. I can do a firetruck shirt for the upcoming arrival as well.

This can be converted into a Birthday Party set as well. All you have to do is ask. :)

Oh. My. Blog.

Wow. I have been a total slacker when it comes to this blog! My goal is to start updating at least once a week with projects and such!

Since my last APRIL (oops)...I have been crazy busy with life and work. We moved to Alabama a few weeks ago. The Army has us stationed at Fort Rucker. We closed on our house last week, thank goodness! I have done several party sets over the last few months that I am very anxious to post. Because most of my work is custom, I try not to post anything until after the party. Most of the time I forget to...which is the reason for no posts lately. I need to find a better system for remembering to post things. :)

I just got my first applique and embroidery machine. I can now offer shirts to match the party sets or just for fun! If you would like to order a shirt, just email me what you are looking for and I'll let you know what I have :)

I'm going to start working on Christmas things ASAP. I'll be offering Photo Christmas cards, party invitations, personalized Christmas tags, and anything else you want.

Now, I'm going to start uploading party sets...hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm still here...

I have been MIA for a few weeks. This is the first time I've gotten to take pics since my surgery. It was nice to get outside and get some pics of my kiddos! I also wanted to use my new prop! I got an old chair and painted in a bright blue! I still have to antique it but I definitely love it!!